Who Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness?


The Rich Live Better Lives Than We Do Says Pew Poll.

The poor have more to envy the rich for than just money, the are genuinely happier and live more fulfilling lives.

It isn’t just money, schools, cars, and fancy dinners you should be jealous of, the rich are all around more fulfilled and happy individuals. According to a Pew Research survey earlier this year, the American upper-class are happier, healthier, and more satisfied with their jobs than the middle class and poor. Oh, and surprise, they likely didn’t suffer economic hardships as a result of the recession!

America’s wealthy, who people classified as making roughly $150,000 or more, have it good. Maybe this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to everyone, but it is worth noting in our minds.

Here are some Stats:

To make the statistics easier to follow, I have averaged the middle and lower class together to compare with the upper. 

The Rich are:

68% more likely to have recently improved their financial security

69% more likely to be satisfied with their jobs

26% more likely to be satisfied with family life

66% more likely to be satisfied with their education

42% more likely to be satisfied with their housing situation

62% more likely to be happier with their life overall

73% more likely to be in excellent health

83% more likely to rarely/never experience stress

75% less likely to have had trouble paying bills

As you can see, the rich have it pretty good. How would you like to never or rarely experience stress… the best remedy? Start making money.

Some of these statistics, such as happiness with education are probably unbalanced since we hope (for my sake) that an education is worth something. But the statistics such as life, health, job and family satisfaction are things that we should think about. Perhaps going back to school would be a good thing and perhaps we don’t take care of our middle class and poor as much as we should.

The study also found that a considerable amount of people view the rich as being hard-working, and intelligent, but at the same time more dishonest and greedy.

There are some other interesting things that came from this poll that will be shared in future articles, such as democrat and republican gaps as well as an interesting phenomena, why do people vote against their own self-interests (groupthink?).

You can find the full research report here.

Stay tuned!

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