Trials Of A Newbie Blogger – Week 4


Day 22: LinkedIn sucks

2:20pm – Tried a free ad credit thing from LinkedIn today to see if I could drive some more users to the site… One click.. glad it was a credit and I didn’t have to pay for the campaign. Hit the 1,000 unique views mark on ideafart since we moved onto our own server about a week ago. So a small milestone.

4:00pm – Debate today things are going to be CRAZY!!! We made 2 posts so far about the debate – first an analysis of the debate in general, and second a look at past debates that are very similar to the issues we have today. Both are interesting!

8:30pm – Debate is done, and Romney smacked it out the park. I just put out a short analysis on it, typing and listening to the debate at the same time! (It was kinda intense.)

Day 23: Site improvements

5:42pm- Finally went through all the plugins and took out the ones that were slowing down the site. We are not up to 50% faster!

8:00pm- Changed our email subscription host, should be better (although no HTML :( ). We are also starting to offer 5 Free eBooks for registering!

Day 24: 1k unique visitor mark

10:00am – Since we moved onto our self-hosted site (roughly 2 weeks ago) we have hit the 1,000th unique visitor to the site. Good!! Now if we could just get that daily ;)


So by now you have probably noticed it’s been a couple of weeks since TOANB came out. We have already nearly tripled our viewership in these two weeks and are hoping for a continued successful performance.

I haven’t had too many problems with the blog, in fact I’ve spent a little time constructing a political action campaign called stopthegridlock. For those who were following this, I apologize. I will keep this section open for news and updates on what is happening here at ideafart and any cool blogging things I come by.



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  2. Reply Robin Feb 5,2013 %I:%M %p

    Congrats on hitting the 1,000 unique views! I must have missed the 5 free e-books? At any rate, did sign up for “stopthegridlock”. Thanks!

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