Trials Of A Newbie Blogger – Week 3


Day 15: First day without much site maintenance!

1:00pm – Just got back from the gym, feel great. Today is the first day where I know ideafart is up and running. Two articles to submit and going to focus on some writing!

9:30pm – Just finished two additional articles for posting, but also spent a considerable amount of time still updating (I think it is an addiction) help?. Anyway, I am off for tonight – going to look around reddit for some inspiration :).

Day 16: Lets get some articles stocked!

2:47am – My sleep schedule appears to be really off :). Today though when I wake up I have a goal of completing 4 articles enough for 3-4 days minimum assuming Bem and Eddy can post something. Also going to keep on the job hunt, and run some errands. I find myself working on this blog far too often, and addicted to site statistics. I’d say 8 hours a day is what I’m putting in on here, and no income (but hey it’s fun!)

7:00pm – did 4 blog posts today to stock the site with goodies!

Day 17: Feeling great!

11:00am – Ran the “Top 10 questions for the presidential debate” this morning and got a great response. People are still responding well to the corporate campaign finance post as well. I’m feeling great. Going to leave it at one post today, and try to build up a cache. Already have the next week scheduled. Lots of comments, keep them coming guys!

 Day 18: Progress (not an Obama plug)

7:12pm – Got a new contributor! His post on the electoral future of the Republican party is up and getting some views for a Saturday. I also finally got the icons changed – and set myself up to see my photo on posts when you google me :). Yeah – pretty professional!

Day 19: More blogging more posting

5:30pm- I decided to start posting my business ideas and trials of a newbie blogger (this post) on sundays as it is a lower viewership day and I don’t want to distract people too much from the focus on this blog which is politics and economics. Started writing a 3 part series on entitlements today and a piece on austerity, both I hope to post next week. Still working on ideas for Sundays debate post, definitely excited and it seems that others are excited about it too (my 10 top questions keeps getting views).

Day 20: Just workin!

4:00pm- Just got back from a job interview doing research for Regence (wish me luck!). Going to work a bit on figuring out what the best times to post are, I have structured them so some days are early some are late etc. See if anything comes from it. Mondays seem really slow – sucks because the article I posted 7 Reasons Why The Government Should Spend More Money I think is a good read!

Day 21: Debate tomorrow, post ready today! Editing – shit! site down?!

6:12pm- I just got off chat support with, my hosting company. The site went down for about 15 minutes as they did “unscheduled maintenance”. Sucks because I just finished editing a post, of which the data was lost. We have our debate article finished (Princeton Moses G.) and it is quality! Pushing forward some ideas to move the blog into a total new path that involves a much more feature rich experience for users – probably will have to wait until we increase in popularity though (so PLEASE share!)



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  1. Reply Robin Jan 29,2013 %I:%M %p

    2-4 new blog posts a day?–All I can say is thank God you finally got a job so those of us who are loyal followers can keep up with all those posts you keep spittin’ out!

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