Trials of a Newbie Blogger – Week 2

The trials – Week 2
Day 8: Getting busy
A busy morning, job interviews, things to fill out, tests to take… OH and a new blog post! Just published and shared my Trials of a newbie blogger – Week 1 and here I am starting on week two.

So, good news, other than being busy. The blog has picked up nearly a thousand page views today, and with this last post it might just nudge over that! I know it isn’t much, but in one week I’ll take it. For sure the viral posts (Romney leaks) seem to be doing well, but I doubt they will persist after the first 24 hours.

Just checked the blog, and the stupid sidebar is blocking the scroll bar again! I just changed it, hopefully for the last time… I also don’t see any of the advertisements I have put up! I am not making money anyway, so maybe I shouldn’t worry about it :).

GAHHHH!!! I just wrote a really nice piece on the people who don’t pay income taxes in this country. I click publish, and NOTHING. It says its published, but the page doesn’t work. doesn’t show it… GRRR

Got it fixed by deleting and republishing. The PROBLEM is that I had already posted the old link and therefore probably lost some viewership on what I think was one of the better articles of the blog so far.

Day 9: Blog formatting, still writing
The blog template has been adjusted, I got rid of some annoying things, the header doesn’t follow you anymore, the cut off blog description is gone, the links for liking have been moved to the left, the list could go on for days (I’ve fixed over 12 things). 

Day 10: Working a new design – and the reality about viewers
I spoke with Jee who will be looking at helping me design a new blog using WordPress. I feel like my short time with blogger is over, and I have outgrown it already. 

On a lesser note, my page count looks like Mt. Everest, where I spiked with 1k views, down to 325, and today was only 206. A lot of it I think has to do with the fact we are not posting so much, I am scheduling only one per day (giving the other writers opportunity to put their own on there.) 

But I have also failed to attract people to subscribe to my blog and get more repeat customers. Most are new, with only about 10% repeats. Maybe it is too difficult at the current time to make that happen. 
I also note that there are some inconsistencies using this dynamic formatting, and this could be a problem that needs to be resolved. 

Just finished our about us page, Eddy was trying to get all funny on it. A little disagreement, but it is settled. He wrote another piece being put online tomorrow. I now have 4 articles in queue!

Day 11: 3 post day
4:05pm: Well I was going to try to post only 1 or 2 things per day, but today Romney released his tax records and I had to get on it. So we had a third addition today, as well as an article by Eddy and one by yours truly. 

Because of the amount of posts, our viewership has gone back up. I hope to get some people following here. I am also thinking about making a video segment the day following the post to see if that gets any interest, plus it re-publicizes many articles that may have been past over.


1:45am: So I couldn’t sleep, and I decided to try to fix the naked domain redirect issue… Well in doing so I was told to move my google account to a new one and make it the primary domain. Did that, and SMACK, MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT WAS DELETED.

This comes after getting some strong views and a good follower base, now I am struggling to try to fix it
4:05am: Still no sleep, it appears I have to wait at least a week to correct it, but even then I may lose all the data.
1:15pm: I have created a new blog on WordPress (Screw blogger!), I am trying to merge over the posts that I do have (I have most of them, just not the ones that were in queue :(. ) Hope to get this thing up and running in the next days.

Day 13: Got a new WordPress account, self hosted – and we are running again!

2:00am: Now hosted by (ASO) received a pretty good price and got installed. Have all my old articles uploaded.
4:00am: Added a theme, got some widgets and blog production stuff. Looks good, but having troubles fixing the theme to be right, favicon is difficult, can’t change some padding, the column widths suck. Getting tired…
11:00am: Got analytics to work! Adsense is up, everything is looking good. Getting ready to post the first post since our downtime!
1:00pm: Posted!! Lost quite a bit of traffic, google still shows broken blog – might hurt and definitely no residual hits on old articles, those are not published on google…
7:00pm: For some reason my computer doesn’t always load my site! It works everywhere else but my computer. Called frontier but no help. Doing well, liking the new theme, have received some compliments, and just finished my first post made entirely on my own server! Had to do some tweaks before, text doesn’t wrap around images automatically so I had to edit the source code (yikes!)… Learned my lesson, ALWAYS BACK UP AND SAVE. :)

Day 14: Finally… relax – wait nope.

Signing out, just got the blog where I want it, formatting is pretty good and posts show up well. Still can’t log in all the time but oh well.
New post out, but the site messed up! I just backed up everything and trying a fresh install
2:30pm: Fresh install done, widgets loaded, plugins set – everything looks good, so far not a site crash. Will spend the next few hours doing minor tweaks. Can’t wait to be done and happy with everything – and actually start writing.
6:00pm: Finished with EVERYTHING. Cannot find a social publisher app that does everything I need and that is free. So I will have to do it manually. But good news, I’m done and can focus on publishing work. Have two drafts up and ready to be worked on.

4 thoughts on “Trials of a Newbie Blogger – Week 2

  1. Reply Robin Oct 2,2012 %I:%M %p

    Hang in there! (oh, and it’s a good thing you don’t do this to make a living)

  2. Reply Kelly S. Oct 19,2012 %I:%M %p

    OMG story of my life!!!! I have had my blog since 2007 and always owned the domain but never set it up. On Monday, I am finally going dot com due to the following it has got, but since it was created with the only motivation being me running my mouth in another way; I didn’t try to fix all the inconsistencies. Blogger is where my home was and still is until Monday. Blogger sux, and the feeling is mutual. Once in a while they take off all my images-my images and make the links with that post a black box everywhere. Their themes are made to where you are never happy, and the dynamic views is a “dynamic load,” and just pointless. WordPress is better but I didn’t start there so that is why I had to deal with blogger BS. Two goggle accounts and trying to put them together is a mess. You avoided all this early though.

    What Robin commented is not helpful nor too mean to be responded to with sarcasm-but she mentioned that something that I want you to consider: you need to hire someone for precisely the areas in which you described. I found someone local and when I told him what I needed; he said he would pretty much do the work for nothing. Of course, I am going to pay him and if it works out use him long term but all the, “Ahhh! fmylife!” moments,” will be there from now on.

    So consider getting someone local, has a good picture (sorry but their picture doesn’t need to say, “weirdo,” because that is just creepy, and local means zip code. Having the person close in age, and works in this field for which he is hired.

    It’s hard to forget that just because a person (myself included) is smart, graduated college, works in the area of the foudation for the foudation of, “online,” DOES NOT MEAN there are some areas that will always look like another language.

    I know you want to figure it out on your own, get used to it, trial and error…I never got there. I tried, read, and worked for a long time trying to avoid these types of problems and with the whole, Learning for my mistakes process, it simply made me angry didn’t pay off. It is so hard to stay creative sometimes blogging and if you can avoid these areas you have 10% better material.

    • Daniel McKay Reply Daniel McKay Oct 19,2012 %I:%M %p

      Thank you for the VERY constructive comment. I have already contacted someone that can help me with some of the back-room work – although now after hours (let me stress it) of tweaks and working out all the kinks I think I should be charging for MY work ;). But like I’m sure you feel, I do this out of enjoyment – and I enjoy writing more than tweaking :) (and losing everything) so that is what I plan to do from this point forward.

      From my experience, yes WP is 10x better, the plugins are amazing (really anything you can think of is there). Support is great (I was floored by the poor blogger support) and now I really feel like I have “my” site.

      Thank you again for the comment, you inspire me!

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