Top 10 Questions For The Presidential Debate


We have aggregated and sorted through the top 10 questions for the presidential debate. These questions were taken via online sources, notably you can follow additional questions on the CNN blog 

Note these are questions meant for BOTH candidates, I would love to see the contrast (if any)!


And they are…

10. My question is regarding the auto bailout. You both had differing ideas on what should be done. Was your idea on the bailout better than your opponents and if you think so, why?  JWLuther1

9. We hear a lot about your differences, but are there any issues where you share a similar opinion? – liereport

8. Describe your understanding of the data supporting global climate change, then describe your position on the matter. – anonymous

7. How far will you take sanctions if Iran continues to enrich uranium at nuclear weapon grades, and when is it time to throw in the towel and try a military approach? – myself :)

6. What would you consider to be the flaws of your political ideology? – anonymous

5. On Israel. How much of an ally are they, and would there ever be a time where the costs of their friendship becomes so great in regards to American lives that you would sever that relationship? – anonymous

4. We hear a lot of campaign promises, but is seems Washington gridlock prevents us from seeing the progress we want to see. How do plan to make the United States more united? – liereport

3. Does every law-abiding citizen have a right to food, a right to shelter, a right to education and a right to healthcare provided by the federal government? Otherwise stated, does the U.S. government owe each person a house, a meal, a college degree and the healthcare they require? – anonymous

2. What is your stance on Citizens United and would you actively support a constitutional amendment to promote/repeal the ruling? – myself :)

1. Would you both agree to be strapped into a lie detector (Polygraph machine)? – unbroken1


There you have it! If you have any more, please share!


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  1. Reply Robin Oct 2,2012 %I:%M %p

    My personal favorite from the list…#1! Although, am fairly certain Obama would come out squeaky (clean)!

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