The Trials of a Newbie Blogger: Week 1


The trials of a newbie blogger: Week 1
By Daniel McKay

Day 1: The learning curve

Got my first blogger account! After fiddling with WordPress I decided to go with something a little more user friendly. Signed up with blogger, figured out some labels things, how to do the search description and add photos (super easy). 

I bought a custom domain ( sounds great and pretty much sums up what will be on the blog (insightful farts hopefully), but low and behold… bloggers custom domain mapping is BROKEN! Gah, great start to my first day.

First blog post!! Free business ideas!!! Maybe some of my failed business ideas can come to life with someone who wants to give it a shot. First one is on a public forum – constituents reaching out and lobbying, you can see it here

After about 30 minutes of play with it, getting the format right and figuring out how to place some ads (to see if I can actually make money with this thing), I was STOKED when I saw I had already almost 300 page views! — I later found out that 98% of them were me playing around (but I got a +1!). 

So I go ahead and work on my second post, another business idea that I was a part of in 2009-2010. Bookslash! Okay, less views (probably because I learned my lesson not to keep looking at the blog).

At the end of the night, I added my friend Eddy Simonian as a contributor, he posted on a Syria and some insight on how to alleviate the situation there. Not a crazy amount of views (19) but he picked up our first comment question!

Day 2: Expanding out of business ideas and trying to get readers

I write my first post about politics, Krauthammer’s “go to hell” to see if a trending topic picks up more readers. Alas, it is now 7:55pm and I am still yet to hit 20 (i’m sure 5-10 of them are me). But enjoyed the writing and am now researching ways to get my blog out to readers. Something about this “next blog” that I can’t use in this dynamic blog theme has got me perturbed a little… 

Invited all my friends on Facebook to follow the blog. BAM another 326 views!

Day 3: Getting readers!!

CRAP! Charger died and lost part of a post (it saved most luckily!) Had to pick one up ASAP. So far this blog is costing a lot! I’ll keep chugging.

The positive trend is continuing! 332 views today so far! 23 likes and counting on Facebook. We have also got more comments. Looking positive! the high of a new blogger… 

Read some interesting articles about how to get readers, how to put the best ads and get more readers. I’ve signed up for Technorati and Alltop.

Changed the template around a bit, was happy with the sidebar (clean) but still had a problem with the widgets being stuck on the scroll bar. Decided to go back to the original and move to the left. Just found out about labeling your date or year to enhance search engine results!

Day 4: Still chugging! (Not beers, blogs)

Just got my rejection from Alltop not sure why, will try again using a different topic later. Gah… getting people interested in what you have to say is not easy!


Next business idea, with business plan and all. Starting doing links within posts to encourage people to check out the other ideas they might be interested in!

Ugh. Just looked at the page views and we lost about half of our views from yesterday. I am thinking us looking at our own posts/tweaking and from me sharing it on Facebook with all me friends made the difference (hopefully we didn’t actually LOSE viewers). Dang, I was hoping for positive momentum.. Alas

On the bright side!!! I just checked our revenue from yesterday, 45 cents! It almost bought my cup of coffee I brewed! From the day before at 2 cents, we just increased out revenue 22.5 times day-over-day! Take that Apple!

Day 5: Getting hooked up to the “sosh” (social) network. 

Set up Ideafart’s twitter page!!! following some good names, now when I post on Facebook they will automatically be put on twitter! Time saver, and maybe I can get a following! ALSO, now I have 30 likes on the Ideafart Facebook page and I can see how many people are viewing the posts (so far not much, but anything helps.) 

Viewership was up a little more yesterday/this morning, I think it has to do more with the new posts than anything. Still can’t get to work, and google searches don’t show the site yet (I think I need more traffic?)

New Favicon! Trying to shed the newbie image and get something professional going… Oh, except it doesn’t work with the dynamic template (maybe I should switch). STILL waiting on the domain mapping (seriously google?)

Day 6: My Birthday!

BIRTHDAY!!!! Okay, great way to start, writing on my little journal. Anyway, changed the layout again, hopefully for the last time. I think it looks professional but also allows people to easily see that has been posted and CLICK on it. Good night!

Have another author to the blog who will hopefully give us some interesting stories surrounding Israel and the middle east (as well as some other interesting stuff that interests him). He will be working for a non-profit in the West Bank here shortly. Stay tuned!

Day 7: Scheduling and improvements

Eddy posted our first “Scheduled” post release, going to try to get the blog on regular posting intervals to help our readers get into the habit of seeing new material. Schedule was set for 1:00pm. Will work for this time every day, with a possible second posting at 4:00pm. 

This information comes from a website that says the best time to get people to click on your posts are between the hours of 1-4pm monday-thursday (sucks for the weekenders.) Don’t worry, we have enough to say we will still post on the weekend!

Signed up for, stumbleupon and went through Digg. Trying to get the presence up!

Putting the posts on these websites just shot up my viewership more than double on the day, in just over an hour! (~500 page views as of now, 70 unique visitors)


Domain mapping!!!! is officially mapped and is now the primary domain for the blog! No more nasty shizz! Oh.. and first article with over 100 page views!!! Romney Leaks

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