The Syrian Civil War – Minds Instead of Hearts


The Syrian Civil War: Acting with our minds instead of our hearts…

The strongest weapon against the Assad Regime is assuring minorities that a post-Assad regime will protect their rights…

The disaster in Syria has captivated the attention of millions of people around the world. Without a doubt Syria is going through a humanitarian crisis. Daraa, Homs, Hama along with other cities have been destroyed. All that can be seen in those cities are ruins and bodies. I recall a speech in which Bashar Al Assad told his supporters and the rest of the world that they have to think with their minds, not their emotions.

This is an important statement, because of the difficulties that a post-Assad Syria faces. One major aspect is the security of minorities. The world has seen what happened to Christians and other minorities in Iraq. They were massacred and tens of thousands sought refuge in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan; while others who were lucky immigrated to Europe and North America. Lives were ruined and security was non-apparent. It is no surprise that Bashar Al Assad has strong support within the Alawite and Christian sects in Syria. Napoleon claimed that people are moved by two levers, fear and self interest. The minorities in Syria are clearly moved by fear. The Syrian regime has been using a prolific propaganda campaign to garner support from minorities. Playing on their fear of Sunni extremism the regime has been able to maintain public support amid a bloody civil war. Regardless of the stances of Russia and China, the US and other world powers need to take the fears of minorities into account.
I believe that if guarantees were given to minorities then Bashar Al Assad’s regime would surely fall. Once the Alawites and Christians turn their back on the Assad regime he will  face the same fate as other dictators. Also, there are other factors that are hindering the efforts of the opposition. The main factor is that the opposition is fractured, and the Syrian National Council is viewed as incompetent. Furthermore, there is no doubt that Al Qaeda has entered the war in Syria. The regime must fall, yet I do not want Syria to turn into another Libya in which weapons are prevalent and skirmishes happen everyday. Before any western military effort (arming of the opposition) is made to topple the regime there should be a full scale plan in place. A plan that incorporates leadership transitions and security. Sun Tzu warned against dismanteling enemy armies, a mistake that occured in Iraq. The last thing syria needs is heavily trained and disenchanted armed men rampaging on the streets. As I mentioned, the Syrian regime needs to fall yet foreign intervention without a full scale plan would be a mistake. A mistake which the Syrian people will pay for….

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