The Republican Party’s Bleak Electoral Future


The Republican Party is on the verge of sinking into the abyss of electoral politics perhaps for generations to come. When President (D) Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil-Rights act of 1964, a law which prohibited major forms discrimination, including those based on race. He was heard whispering to an aide:

“The Democratic Party has lost the South for a generation, in my lifetime and perhaps yours.”

And he was right, the Southern States which had solidly been in the democratic column historically began to Jump ship to the Republican Party as early as the next Presidential election (1968).

Now, the South has been painted over by a sea of red, unassailable Republican, especially the Deep South.  But where President Johnson saw electoral calamity, others in his Party saw hope in the increase attainment of the minority vote.  Particularly, the African-American Vote, a community who had been largely Republican in those days began trending Democrat since FDR’s Administration.

Consequentially, the Black vote is now one of the most solidly reliable voting-Blocks in American Politics (over 90% Democrat), asa result of perceived Republican hostility towards Minorities interest and their repugnant exploitation of Racial Politics reminiscent of the “Dixie-crates.” The Republican Party is at it again, except this time their impudent strategy for electoral success amounts to political malpractice. In order to appeal to a dwindling and often acquiescent base, almost devoid of diversity, they have manufactured, hardened or conjured up draconian laws and ideas to disenfranchise those deemed uncongenial to their ideology.

For example, the recent Voter ID laws which have been passed prolifically by Republican Legislators through-out the country, an ominous Law which seeks out a remedy to a problem (Voter-Fraud) that doesn’t exist. It is nothing more than an attempt to suppress Democratic votes in certain areas, a sinister rumbling of discontent for voters who are bamboozled-proof, those for whom Republican Policies are an anathema.

Now, what is all this kerfuffle about? It’s quite simple really, demographic changes in politics are akin to numbers in mathematics; they don’t lie and it  looks increasingly bleak for the GOP. Republican hostility and intransigence towards the Hispanic community and its interests are hurting their chances with Hispanic voters.  If the Hispanic vote goes the way of the African-American vote, it shall be catastrophic for the GOP’s future and perhaps American Politics in general. For there will come a time in the immediate future when the Republican Party shall cease to be a viable alternative to the Democrats electorally. Unless they can moderate their stance on a plethora of issues, particularly the issue of immigration which is important to the Hispanic community among other issues. The GOP’s nostalgia for a 1950’s America must be overcome, and quickly.

Disparaging remarks and political posturing perpetrated by Republicans on the issue of immigration and a whole holst of other issues can aptly be characterized as insulting to Hispanics and other minorities. Many of the GOP’s positions, for example lower taxes, or the now debunked “Trickle Down” economic theory is permeated with the stench of euphemisms, subliminal so to speak. For only a coward can find shelter behind euphemisms. They use legitimate concerns to shield their true intentions.

Hispanics make up about 18% of the U.S population and their numbers are growing rapidly every year. Younger Hispanics are becoming eligible to vote  at incredibly pronounced numbers, especially in Red States. The Hispanic voting record has increasingly been trending Democrat. George W. Bush (R)  won 40% of the Hispanic vote, John McCain (R)  won close to 31% in 2008, and  Mitt Romney (R) at the moment is sitting on 26%, an incredibly ruinous number.

President Barack Obama is going to win this election handily despite the sluggish economy and the unrelenting barrage of republican attacks, mostly due to Demographic changes. The Democrats don’t have to win the majority of the white vote, though it would comprehensively serve a fatal blow to the Republican Party. The Democrats hasn’t done so for a generation or more, acquiring above 35% of the white vote would suffice. And any increase in that number while maintaining their coalition would incisively spell devastation for their opponent.
President Obama has more ways of getting to 270 Electoral College votes than Mitt Romney. Furthermore, President Obama can afford to lose highly coveted States like Ohio and Florida and still remain President of the United-States. Gov. Romney on the other hand would be placed in a very precarious position, one that history suggests he may not overcome.

There are simply more people in America that incline to support Obama’s vision for the Country than Mitt Romney’s. Now, whether they come out to vote enthusiastically for the President is a totally different matter.  So on November 3, 2012 (Election-Day), watch out for three states as an indication for whom might win the election, Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

If President Obama wins any one of the three states, especially Ohio or Florida. It shall be an early indication of impending doom for Mitt Romney’s Presidential aspirations. This grim prognostication of the Republican Party’s future fore-told here on this blog may come to fruition sooner than you think. The glory days of relying solely on the white vote to win presidential elections are coming to an end.
In 2040 the U.S is projected to be a Majority Minority Nation. And the interesting thing is, one doesn’t have to wait that long to see the GOP fall from grace. I suspect, this will be the last Presidential election where the GOP can freely flaunt its contemptible platform with impunity, unless they wish to self-relegate.  For the symptoms of their problem had already begun to manifest itself with the election of President Obama, as evident by his expansion of the electoral map.

The Democrats only have to take one more state out of the already dwindling GOP Electoral College map, while holding on to the States won by President Obama in order to break the camel’s back. Finally, if the Republicans were to lose a big state like Texas or Arizona, States increasingly trending Democrat largely because of their large Hispanic populations, then their luminous sunlit days of political prominence shall be painted over by dark clouds, as far as the Party’s hope of winning presidential elections are concerned, unless the Party gets a face-lift.

But some-how I fear that the so-called Tea-Party with its extreme and morose positions shall exhibit more than a moderate level of discordance at any attempt to curtain ideological rigidity  Pejorative aside; I find the “Tea-Party” very disconcerting. At the risk of sounding impertinent, they represent to me the perfect example of the impudence in American Politics. I believe many of them to be closeted racist and xenophobes masquerading acrimoniously as concerned Citizens.

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