Cutting Taxes on Millionaires DOESN’T Increase Economic Growth 6

By Daniel McKay
Cutting Taxes on Millionaires DOESN'T Increase Economic Growth
I’ll try to keep this post short. The question is whether or not cutting taxes on the super-rich actually does as much as those who advocate it think it should. A new study out by Laura Tyson and Owen Zidar of UC Berkeley suggests that Romney’s tax plan advocating a 20% across the board tax cut would ...

Can’t Twist It: Employment Up – BLS Explained 2

By Daniel McKay
Can't Twist It: Employment Up - BLS Explained
The accusation that the “books are cooked” or that the numbers have fallen because people have dropped out of the labor force is absurd and unfounded.  Employment numbers come from a BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) survey that samples 60,000 households, consisting of roughly 110,000 individuals monthly from around the country. While this isn’t sampling ...