‘Fool’s Gold’ 1

By Princeton Moses G.
'Fool's Gold'
“Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough often refers to the Republican Party’s futile efforts to win the State of Pennsylvania as “Fool’s Gold,” because every election cycle, the Party invests an exorbitant amount of time and money into the state, just to see the fruits of their labor on Election Night slowly enveloped into atrophy, like ...

Why Do People Vote Against Their Self-Interest: Take 2 1

By Princeton Moses G.
My esteemed colleague Daniel McKay here at ideafart asked a thought-provoking question in one of his posts. “ Why Do People Vote Against Their Self-Interests?” The answer to such a question is more ambiguous than meets the eye. Though self-interest may vary from one individual to the next, nonetheless, many people perhaps through their certitude ...