Sean Hannity Hates Democracy!


Hannity “I like democracy, except when I don’t like it” – Okay… well that’s pretty much what he said.

People like Hannity, and others, hypocritically say they want democracy, and want us to fight for it abroad, except when it leads to non-christian, non-west leadership.
People hold up signs in Egypt asking for freedom and a transition from dictatorship.
Violence and protests have spread to 20 muslim countries in the past 3 days. Politics aside (which is all over the news), an important question comes forth: How much do YOU value democracy? 

Hannity today made it clear that he doesn’t value democracy when dictators like Mubarak are thrown out and replaced by democratically elected parties, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. While I am not a fan of Hannity, he brings good point to the surface. We have been actively involved in three wars in the past decade, all of which were in support of spreading democracy. Today we have unrest, violence, and conflict that have led to many deaths as a result in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now across the middle east. 

In the name of Democracy, many started out supporting the Arab Spring who today are scared of islamic leadership and fundamentalism who is naturally anti-American and anti-West. This wasn’t a surprise, I remember this being talked about on the news, another author of this blog, Eddy Simonian, predicted this as well.
People march in Dallas holding up pro Democracy and anti-Hosni Mubarak signs.
Most interestingly, it appears that most of the criticism comes from the conservatives who argue that we should fight others for these liberties (perhaps they are mad because they are muslim). We have granted these people the best of all liberties, the right to vote, speak and express themselves freely. In granting these rights, acts of violence have broken out. Is the problem too much freedom too fast? I’m not sure about that. 

Now, if these leaders are democratically elected, do you prefer freedom to choose representatives, or are you more concerned with their friendliness towards America at the cost of repression? The answer is difficult, but certainly something you should think about.
Should rights be prioritized (for instance, women’s rights, due process etc.) over others (such as the right to vote)? In the case of these areas, maybe we’ve moved backwards?

Burning car and man with an assault near the US Libyan embassy during violence and protests.
However, because I don’t think America is perfect, I don’t think the criteria of support should be how friendly the host country is to the US. Do you think it is right to suppress a people for the benefit of yourself? I don’t. The question as to your support of Arab spring and the anti-American uprisings are one of the same, and it is a question we need to answer.
What do you think?

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