Romney’s 47% reside in HIS states – they may even VOTE FOR HIM

Romney’s 47% are largely distributed in his Red States – His independents / adversaries pay their taxes.
Romney’s 47% comments have got the internet in a craze. But no one is talking about this… The states that don’t pay their “fair share” of federal income taxes are largely RED.

Yesterday we were among the thousands who broke the story of “Romney Leaks“, but today I’ve had time to settle down and do some digging. After many “discussions” with people in support of Romney’s comments, I decided to give them the one-two and show them why Romney’s curse of the 47% is misguided and completely inaccurate. 

Exhibit 1 (and only for this post):

States ranked by percentage of people who do not pay federal income taxes.

That is the list of all of our great 50 states (including the District of Columbia) and their “rank” of how few people pay federal income tax. These results are proportional to the adult working population, 1 means that as a percentage more don’t pay and 50 means more do pay

The table is quite telling, you will see that the entirety of the Red states are on the left (with the exception of South/North Dakota and Alaska), and the majority of the Blue states and Grey (toss-up) states are on the right. 

What does this mean in a nutshell? 

The Republican states don’t pay their fair share in taxes and are bolstered and supported by the Democratic states. To tone it down a little bit, and my point to the “Romneys”, is that the crowd Romney SHOULD care about, is the group that pays their taxes. 

This is why tax debate is so popular, it sways voters, and especially FOR the Republicans trying to snatch up Independents.

NEWS FLASH – Romney, buddy, you’ve got it all wrong! 

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