Romney Butchers the Pledge of Allegiance

Romney Needs A Lesson On The “Pledge Of Allegiance” Because Right Now He’s Butchering It.
The Pledge of Allegiance is about equality, brotherhood… and socialism. 

Now I like the Pledge of Allegiance, we all remember reciting it daily before we began our studies in primary and secondary school, but I’m no socialist. Perhaps the future President of the United States who is arguing for the demise of entitlements, the end of “redistribution,” god forward, and individualistic policies, he should be framing his speech around another tune.

The pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy in 1892, a Christian Socialist, who argued that God was a Socialist and was known for helping the poor.

Originally it was written, “I pledge allegiance to my flag.” Also god was added during the communist scare.

Bellamy saw raw uncapped capitalism, individualism, and materialism as a blow to the promise of America. He wished that the pledge would promote a new vision of America to counter the spread of greed, and wanted a more egalitarian system.

Bellamy was part of a group who fought unfair treatment of laborers and advocated for union rights and the rights for people to actively and freely unionize

He wrote this and it was presented to schools in recognition of free public education.

And lets not even get started with Ann Bates, the writer of “America the Beautiful,” who was also a Christian Socialist, and lesbian.

So it appears, that while none of the candidates want Socialism, the song embodies the ideas of the author who was himself socialist.
While the Romney cronies are trying to frame Obama as a socialist, we should note that policies that we have today are tradition (social security), and were set up at a time where people were genuinely trying to build a better America, an America about brotherhood and respect.
Romney chose a great piece of work, and while we might not all agree with the author, we should remember that those we look up to, even Romney, had a different vision of America.
Side note: We live in a redistributive system, social security, medicare, our tax code etc. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Face it, we don’t live in a capitalist society, it is a mixed-market society that has worked to implement the best of both policies, raw unchecked capitalism is bad, so we take the best from it and provide for it’s shortfalls.
See here for a more articulate piece.
We have all pledged the same allegiance, an allegiance to a better country, a country of brotherhood, liberty, and justice – lets not forget where it came from.
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AGAIN, I am not a Socialist :-) 

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