Red Lines – Will Israel Attack Iran?


Bibi Netanyahu is in the US “drawing red lines”…

Meir Dagan, Former Mossad Chief, Says Attack On Iran ‘Stupidest Idea’ He’s Ever Heard…

Netanyahu says that Iran will use nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel. To me that is all talk and nothing more. When I hear the Ayatollah or Ahmadinajad threaten to wipe Israel off the map, I laugh. It is nothing more than a war cry to rile up support among disenchanted Sunnis in the Middle East. Iran wants to show an image of a Muslim country standing up to Israel. It wants to be the leader of the Muslim world. There was a time when Iran was viewed more favorably than all other Arab regimes. Yet their image has taken a hit due to the Syrian crisis.

Even if Iran succeeds, it will NOT and CANNOT use nuclear weapons against Isreal. We have to understand that Isreal is not a homogeneous state, there are Sunnis and Christians living there. It is also a small densely populated area, and a nuclear attack and consequent radiation would affect all neighboring countries. It would be disastrous for Jews and Arabs alike. Iran is a rational state and like every other state wants to survive, such a scenario would surely mean the end of Iran as we know it.
Another important issue is that the Shi’ites are a minority in Islam, and have been persecuted for centuries. Iran is a haven and protector of Shi’ites, they cannot and will not act in an irrational way that would jeopordize their sect. Such an attack would have disastrous consequences for Shi’ites all over the world. At the end of the day Israel and Iran have one main similarity, both are havens for a minoirty and will not jeopordize their existance.

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