Really LinkedIn?! Democrats HATE God?! You Advertise that?


Have you checked YOUR LinkedIn lately? 
LinkedIn publishes article on “news” timeline that refers to democrats as god hating, anti-christian supporters of Islam. 

I am floored that LinkedIn doesn’t have people who vet their news feeds to be put out in public (at least, I hope this wasn’t vetted). On September 16th, 2012 LinkedIn published this doozy of an article on my news feed: Dems Welcome Muslims,Prohibit Christian Hospitality in Charlotte! (spacing mistake intentionally included)

This article includes some pretty ignorant and hateful words aimed towards the democrats, in what obviously was slanted by someone with a clear agenda, to only be taken seriously by those whose IQ lies below 70 (includes morons, imbeciles, and idiots) or whose mind has just been completely tainted by political propaganda disseminated by the right. Some of these words include:

When the DNC came to Charlotte, area churches, 100 of them, offered hospitality, not knowing how much the Dems hate God, and would actually boo God at the convention. They had no idea how that hatred would be directed to them and their churches.”

That’s right….the same platform that booed God later.”

Muslims who publicly state their hatred of our country with fierce determination to kill us all and put America under Sharia Law, are welcomed by the Democratic Party while Christians are pushed out of sight like criminals because they respect life and hold family values.”

I feel almost guilty for copying and pasting nearly half of the article here. It was this low, and such a pitiful article that I am surprised it caught the attention LinkedIn enough to publish it. 

I have already messaged LinkedIn and displayed my feelings about such messages, which have no place in respectable people’s computer screens. The message is that of complete ignorance and bigotry, it places blanket accusations on not just Democrats, but also on an entire religion that is very multi-faceted. 

I can tell you that no Dems “booed” god, most are probably “good” Christians who give to their churches the same as Republicans do, and who also claim “righteousness” based on the words in the Bible. Secondly, even if they aren’t, no Democrat would publicly boo god, it is political suicide.

There are SOME Muslims who publicly state their hatred for our country, these are not the same that came and prayed for the Democrats, or who naturally reside within our country. These are Americans, who love America as much as anyone. To the same point, most Muslim Americans do not support or are not advocating for Sharia, there are SOME but to say that it is the whole of the community is a horrible stretch of the imagination.

Furthermore, the Democratic party does not support these aspirations, and would denounce any organization that pursued such. In fact, the platform of the Democratic party, like it or not, is much more progressive than Sharia. Think about women’s rights and gay rights for instance, that is the stance of the Democratic party NOT Sharia.

To play the devils advocate, if one were to think of where the Dems are on the spectrum of Sharia —– Anarchy, our Republicans would be closer to Sharia than the Democrats are comfortable with.

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