Princeton Moses Gbah: Immigration Reform


The potential fluidity of American Politics at times even baffles the politically astute. It wasn’t long ago, though an eternity in political terms, when the political pundits, even the conservative ones, ostentatiously proclaimed that the GOP’s political viability henceforth strongly rested on the Party’s ability to appeal to minority voters, especially Hispanics who supported the President and his Party in increased numbers from 2008.

Consequentially, in order to appeal to America’s changing demography, the GOP opted to soften its tone on Immigration Reform. A topic in which their notorious hostility and intransigence towards-have cost them immensely with in the Hispanic Community, when Pres. Obama won the 2012 Presidential election by an astonishingly wider margin than the pundits and conservative media had Predicted, with the Exit-Polls showing that 71% of Hispanics had supported the President.

GOP Leaders almost immediately took post behind podiums and on every available news network. Appealing for Immigration reform as if a deciduous awakening had forcibly removed their blinders; thus allowing them to see their political future on the wall, in a rather clairvoyant manner. A gesture in which many proponents of Comprehensive Immigration Reform applauded cautiously, for there is an old West-African Proverb; “A Leopard never changes its spots.”

Perhaps it was wise for supporters of Immigration reform to be cautious displaying their enthusiasm for the GOP’s new found position on Immigration Reform. For what seems like little more than mere vestiges of the old GOP’s immigration rhetoric is making a come-back or lingers, particularly in the House of Representative where GOP’s obstruction and intransigence have reached its zenith.

what a different a year makes in political; I am afraid the GOP perceived hatred for Pres. Obama may threaten to derail any meaningful attempt at reform. With the advent of the year 2014 and Congressional elections in the horizon, the atmosphere in Washington may be even more hostile if not indifferent to Immigration Reform. But as the old saying goes, predicting which way the political wind is going to blow, is like predicting the sex of a baby before birth.

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