Obama’s Mission For The Next Debate (10/16/2012)


Hitherto, the Obama campaign has had a significant edge over Mitt Romney’s campaign electorally, but complacency was the mother of that inept strategy which engendered the President’s feckless debate performance. As a result Gov. Romney has significantly erased the President’s lead. The latest polls show the Gov. and the President virtually tied, with a slight advantage to the president, particularly due to his lead in the critical state of Ohio, a state Gov. Romney must win if he’s to have any chance of winning the Presidency.

A scenario the Romney campaign is trying to avoid at all cost by pouring millions of dollars into Ohio, though the President has a slight edge, an ominous threat is brewing on the horizon. Mitt Romney, due to his Oscar-worthy performance during the last debate has cause significant damage to the Obama campaign’s unrelenting efforts to make the governor unacceptable to the American People. Tomorrow is the President’s turn to continue the narrative where Vice President Biden left off.

In order for President Obama to reclaim the momentum from the Governor during tomorrow’s debate, he has to stand firm like a crucible while putting on the debate performance of his life. His demeanor must project a Obama even Liberals haven’t seen before, a forceful and combative Obama who possesses wit. A man like Vice President Biden who is willing to fact-check whenever nonsense rears its head, he has to allow the American people to see him defending his positions with passion, even if his delivery is professorial.

Though a Town Hall format doesn’t lend itself to a confrontational Debate, nevertheless the President has to exacerbate contrast; be a politician but more importantly be personable. People watch debates for contrasts, not to see how similar both candidates are on the issues. One of the most fundamental political tactics is to exploit the contrast between your candidate and your opponent by blowing it up to the stratosphere, however trivial.

President Obama has to bury the Governor under an avalanche of contrast, for the seed that will produce the negative narrative that has already been planted in the minds of many voters as it relates to the Governor. The President in order to be effective has to tie this negative narrative like a yoke around the Governor’s neck, by holding the new Mitt Romney accountable for things said by the old conservative Mitt Romney. The Romney campaign can easily predict which Obama they are likely to meet tomorrow, and I am certain that they are rigorously preparing, but perception is reality, especially in politics, and it’s even harder to defend against it.

Obama has to paint Romney as not only an out of touch de facto aristocrat but as a man whose policies are devoid of compassion for his fellow Americans. A man who lacks political conviction principally, someone who is not to be trusted, for he sways which-ever way the political wind blows. Nobody knows who the real Mitt Romney is politically, other than his family and close friends perhaps. For he has been different people at different times, he will do and say anything to become president of the United-States. If one doubts me, watch YouTube and you shall see the governor evolve before your very eyes disconcertingly, like a chameleon. (See Romney’s “Flip-Flops” here.)

During tomorrow’s Debate, President Obama would do his campaign a great service if he didn’t appear like the caricatured “Spineless Democrat” who recoils at the first sign of confrontation. People despite what they say about Presidential demeanor(s) during a debate, they nonetheless relish the opportunity to see Politicians take a stand and defend it. For tomorrow, President Obama ought to behave like a movie director and yell “cut” figuratively whenever “actor” Romney shows up to bamboozle the American People with misinformation.


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