Its Not THAT 47% Percent You Should Be Worried About ROMNEY


Romney fundraising audio leaked. – And it exposes his problems understanding demographics.
Romney audio leaked with doozies such as “it’s not my job” to win over 47% of the people “who are committed to Obama” and “dependent on the government” further saying “they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Read to see why Obama’s 47% are not just those who don’t pay their federal income taxes. 

In what appears to be another interesting twist in the 2012 election race, HuffingtonPost and the Washington Post have posted audio/video taken from a recent fundraising campaign for the Romney ticket. In this video you see Romney speaking to a crowd, saying that people should take personal responsibility and care for their lives and get off of government support (among other things, please watch the video below.)

Now, I honestly don’t think this is a big of an issue as many sensationalists will make of it. It is simple politics, he is catering to his base, and he is probably right that a large percentage may not vote for him either way. HOWEVER, it has nothing to do with that 47% of Americans that do not pay federal income tax.

First, let me note that many of these 47% who do not pay income tax, do still pay payroll taxes. They are not being nurished completely on the teet of the government. Furthermore, to make many of these people “accept personal responsibility” is to force below-subsistence living. According to The Tax Policy Center, the majority that pay neither state nor federal income tax are elderly (who have worked and paid into the system their entire lives) and those making under $20,000 a year (many of them struggling students, disabled, or mentally ill).  

Back to why a large percentage of people won’t vote for Romney, and he must cater to his independent base. Lets break down demographics here to see why a large chunk of people are hoping for an Obama win. 

– 4 percent of Americans are Gay – They are nearly 100% in support of Obama
– According to Gallup: 41% of Americans are Pro-Life, and more so are with restrictions
– 58% of women vote democratic on a consistant basis, more lean. vs. 33% for republicans
Minorities. 68% of hispanics, and nearly all african-americans will vote for Obama in 2012 – In total this group will make up over 15% of the popular vote in favor of Obama
– Unions. 11.4% of Americans are part of a Union. (After what happened in Wisconsin, you can suspect that most are NOT voting Romney.)
63% of Americans (52% of Republicans) support raising taxes on the rich. 

The list could easily go on, please feel free to chime in. The fact is, that we live in a multi-faceted society, and no single issue determines the makeup of the Election. If you look back at electoral maps and popular votes in our country’s history, you will notice that a close race fighting for little pockets of independents is a relatively new thing. Check it out here. Romney, you are fighting against a completely different group than those 47% who don’t pay federal income taxes…

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