“I Like What He Said”: The Final Presidential Debate – Early Summary


The theme of the foreign policy section of the recent presidential debate went something like this:

Obama: We are stronger than ever, under my leadership we are working to support moderate opposition groups in Syria, put pressure on Egypt to recognize minority rights, support Israel (we love you, please don’t be mad) blah blah blah and we will continue to do it the next 4 years.

Romney: Yeah, yeah.. I like what he did and said there.

Obama: I’m glad you liked it… Mitt Romney has not been consistent, he said this and then he said that. We need strong leadership and consistency is important.

Romney: That’s not accurate. But yeah, yeah.. I would like to say what he said.


Romney: We need to spend more on military, we are smaller than ever and sequestration will reduce it even more. I won’t cut the military.

Obama: Our military has changed, we have these things called aircraft carriers and boats that go under water and it’s not BattleShip.


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  2. Reply Robin Oct 23,2012 %I:%M %p

    Nice wrap-up on final debate. Ballot already is in the mail, Debate served to reinforced my choice to re-elect President Obama.

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