Gov. Romney’s Superb Night At The Debate

Gov. Romney won round one of the Presidential Debates:

The truth travels a peculiar and often times impediment-ridden road in search for redemption. Last night’s Presidential debate was a culmination of such a journey. The Obama campaign and its Super-PAC have spent millions successfully trying to make Gov. Mitt Romney insufferable to the American people.

They have branded the Governor as a rich de-facto American aristocrat who harbors contemptuous sentiments toward average middle class folks. A man who is out to enrich the most affluent of Americans at the expense of the poor, but last night Mitt Romney made himself acceptable to about Seventy Million Viewers.

Most Challengers during a Presidential election year anxiously await the moment when they shall share the debate stage with an incumbent President. For the prestige and power of the presidency often rubs off on the challenger just by being on the same stage as the President. But if Gov. Romney is indeed Obama’s subordinate, you couldn’t tell at last-night’s debate.

 Gov. Romney was like a head coach schooling an assistant coach on how to run plays.  President Obama looked like he was mired in the banality of details, thus opening the window for Gov. Romney to be the Big Ideas Man. Yes, Governor Romney the Big Ideas man.

Last night’s debate was Governor Romney’s best thus far; he succeeded in making himself palatable to the public by owning the stage and defending his positions against perceived miss-characterizations vociferously.  President Obama on the other hand seemed acquiescent, like he was either playing it safe by sitting on his lead or his four years away from the debate arena was beginning to show.

Yesterday’s debate may not have been a real game changer, but one thing is for certain: Gov. Romney made a successful sales pitch. Henceforth, the Presidential race is about to get interesting. If the President of the United States keeps getting schooled by the challenger like he did last night; voters may start taking a harder look, and we might see these battleground poll numbers reflecting that.

Also, during the debate I couldn’t help but notice; though Governor Romney is at least fifteen years the President’s Senior. He looked aesthetically younger, while the President looked about five to seven years older than his actual age, perhaps, due to the rigors of the office. Gov. Romney had a great night as the debate; but if for one second he thinks he’s going to have another night like that against President Obama, he must be high with complacency.

He owes his debate performance to Obama’s timidity. The President should have been forceful and if necessary got down in the trenches to defend his positions while comprehensively providing contrast.The President’s performance last night is the sort of spineless genetic predisposition which afflicts many Democratic Politicians.

It is a disappointing and occasional manifestation which occurs during important moments, and it frustrates the democratic supporter to no end. Gov. Romney levied intelligent insults at the President, and told lies about his elusive health care plan and President Obama gave him a pass. For example, when he told Pres. Obama, “As President you are entitling to a house and a plane but not your own fact,” or when he made the claim that his health-care plan provides coverage for preexisting condition(s), or his $716 billion claim.

The debate format was an absolute failure. Jim Lehrer’s relentless pursuit for a more engaging debate was unsuccessful. Instead of asking the tough questions, he gave the candidates extraordinary liberties to discern where they disagree with one another. In such a setting, it takes two to tangle. Gov. Romney brought his A-game; Obama on the other hand found his words meandering, as if his mind was hard at work in search for innocuous phrases to describe Gov. Romney’s policies.

I admire and respect Jim Lehrer very much, but he was a feckless moderator last night. Though he is a veteran moderator with 11 Presidential Debates under his belt prior to yesterday’s debate. Last night’s debate wasn’t his finest hour. He even refused to defend his network (PBS) against Gov. Romney’s attacks. And we wonder why Jim Lehrer style of journalist is becoming redundant.

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