Donald Trump the Villain!!


by Princeton Moses Gbah

Right-Wing extremists (Far-Right) has long existed in the Dark Chasms of American Life, often tucked away from Polite Company like a blemish as if in an otherwise immaculate world. Exiled, but yet free to invariably created a world in which xenophobia, sexism and racist ideologies are  allowed to fester in a cesspool under the Banner of Patriotism and Nationalism.

Donald Trump’s Rise is in part due to such manifestations, he’s the Vehicle through which these Folks (Right Wing Extremists and the Ignorant) have driven their message of intolerance. Now, whether Trump himself has always been a Devout Acolyte of Right-Winged Policies remains unclear. Trump has name ID as a result of being in the Public-Eye for decades, and in Politics that can be worth more than a thousand Seasoned Political-Strategist. Nevertheless; very few Americans can confidently vouch for Trump’s Conservative Credentials (pre-2009).

I Had always assumed that he was a Democrat on the count of his often iniquitous and execrated remarks of the Republican Party in the past, in Particular the Bush Administration (2000-2008). Twenty Years ago on “Meet the Press” with the late Tim Russert, Trump explained his support for “Gay-Marriage” and Gays in the Military by citing that he was from New-York, a tone I must say is indeed a variance from the one he has currently adopted.

I am convinced that Trump is neither (Republican nor a Democrat). I might be more inclined to believe  that Trump indeed is Mole of the Democratic Party rather than a Republican. A Stink-Bomb so to speak, an ingeniously concocted plan designed to blow-up the GOP’s Plan of winning the “White-House” with increased support (40%) from the only Minority-Group(Hispanics) who could castigate the  GOP to visitors of the “White-House” rather than occupiers of it, perhaps for decades to come, until moderation prevails.

Donald Trump has led the Republican Field for months now with poll numbers as stubborn as Teflon,  arguably because he has been able to understand and exploit an opening as we say in Politics.Trump’s Campaign Strategy is more reminiscent of “The Joker’s” Last Scene in the “Dark-knight” than perhaps anything inspirational.  The scene in which “The Joker” aimed to provoke and expose Human Weakness, Ignorance and Hypocrisy by proclaimed that Humanity pretends to be  Governed by Laws, Morals and Principles which are Enthralling Hallmarks and beyond Reproach, but the moment one introduce a little chaos, all those lofty words shall crumble and cease meaning.

 Trump is playing on our fears, and when people are fearful enough, even the most reasonable among us may put Security  ahead of shared  Values and Principles. But unlike the Comic-Book Character “The Joker” who’s a sadist, Trump is remarkably a Political Opportunist, in this respect he is no different from any other Politician. The decision to run for Political Office in it self is an attempt to exploit an opportunity. Then Sen. Obama, if you remember exploited such an opportunity running to the “Left”of Hillary Clinton in the (2008 Democratic Primaries). The only distinction one may argue here is, Obama’s Strategy struck a more unifying balance and was never designed to tear us asunder, as it’s in the case of Trump.

Often, the difference between Good Politics vs. Bad Politics is Context. How and what Respective Candidates are willing to do  in order to be triumphant.  Many Candidates have a line that they are unwilling to cross politically, but from all indications, Trump’s bar is pretty high. He has calculated, and perhaps effectively- that his path to the Republican Nomination would require giving the Republican Base the “Red Meat” for which they desire, even if said Political Tactics may be seen by the General Electorate as objectionable or unbecoming of a Candidate running for the Highest Office.

Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz are playing from the same Play-book, but I believe only Sen. Cruz has the Political  Intellect and Background to see it through. For this reason Sen. Cruz may likely be the Republican Nominee. These Men sincerely believe that flanking the GOP’s Establishment from the Right is a Winning Strategy, and I am in agreement. But if either of these Candidates (Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz)  were to win the Republican Nomination, the road to the “Middle” would be treacherous if not impossible. For Ted Cruz, there exist a slither of hope, a narrow passage which is closing rapidly. But for Donald Trump, that ship has long sailed, such a road has been irreparably blocked by his Rhetoric. Which Leaves me to wonder, what is his End Game? It is all well to play to your Base during the Primary Process but one must come to the “Middle” eventually, for the “Middle” is where Presidential Elections are won in this Country.

Both Sen. Cruz and Donald Trump  have concocted plans impregnated with impudence, displaying the failures of Conservative Leadership to prove fecklessness in Strategy. And this is ingenious for several reasons, one of which is, recognizing that the Republican Base is out for Blood. They (GOP-Base) believe that despite the GOP’s control of Congress, Pres. Obama has managed to outmaneuver Congressional Republicans at every turn. As a Result Republicans are having trouble keeping the promises that they’ve made to their supporters.

(Sen. Ted Cruz) is perhaps the only exception relatively speaking, he has arguably been the most intransigent Member of Congress. He single handedly shut down the U.S Government, thus causing pestilence and Rebuke from Establishment Republicans.

But what many Americans may not know is, Sen. Ted Cruz is hailed for his uncompromising approach in Congress by the “Tea Party,” and back in his Home State of Texas for his tenaciousness. He is now the most popular Politician in all of Texas. He understands the Politics of Texas unlike anyone I’ve ever seen, and if one can understand the politics of Texas, that goes a long way to understanding the Republican-Base.

It has always been Conventional Wisdom in Republican Politics on the Presidential level that one must run the most Center-Right Candidate or as Sen. Cruz would call it “Democrat-like Candidate,” so that he or she may be palatable to the Wider Electorate. Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Herbert Walker Bush, Sen. Bob Dole, George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain and Mitt Romney were all Center-Right Candidates relatively Speaking.

 Donald Trump and Particularly Sen. Ted Cruz are of the opinion and has formulated their Campaign Strategies as such. They believe, GOP impulsion with so-called Centrist Nominees have been catastrophic for the Conservative Brand because these so-called palatable Candidates/Nominees  are often defeated in the General Election or worst, they are notorious for  being duplicitous, conniving with Democrats to grow Government.

Sen. Cruz claims, Pres. Ronald Reagan should be the model, for whenever Republicans run a “True Conservative” (like Pres. Reagan) they are successful. But the irony is, Ronald Reagan may not be welcomed in this current Republican Party. Reagan Compromised with Former Speaker of the House (Tip O’Neill) on a plethora of issues, Reagan himself was a Former Democrat, he passed Amnesty, apologized and paid reparations to Japanese-Americans for their internment during the 2nd World-War. All Facts most of which if know about a Candidate in this current Republican field would be enough to put them in the Cross-hairs of Pejoratives. This current Republican field makes Ronald Reagan whom many Democrats prematurely viewed as extreme initially, seem more and more like a Moderate.

So Rather than turning Trump into a Villain, the question we should be asking ourselves is, what is it about the Republican Party that Allows the Politics of Donald Trump to gain so much traction? Or has it always been an aspect of Republican Politics once displaced from the Democratic Party, remnants of the Dixiecrats (Southern Segregationist Democrats) who ran to the Republican Party in droves at the 1st whiff of Civil-Rights Legislation and the Subsequent implementation of the Republican “Southern-Strategy?”

This is a salient question, for Donald Trump wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in the Democratic Party spewing his insolence across our Televisions as he so often does. Perhaps  it is a matter of knowing one’s audience in this instance as is often the case in Politics.

Trump may be riding very high in the polls now, an albatross to the Republican Establishment but Precedent doesn’t favor what in the Minds of many Americans he is or has become. An extremist; as if that wasn’t sufficient enough of a disqualification, he is also one who has never held elected office. Perceptions, which independent of one another has been sufficient to deny candidate(s) the Presidency, some in more spectacular fashion  than others (Rep. Barry-Goldwater, 1964 Presidential Election), particularly in regards to the formal.

Unless Trump was “Supreme Allied Commander” (Dwight Eisenhower) and had helped win the 2nd World-War, there is no precedent for a Non-Public Office Holder ever winning the “White-House.” I doubt Trump may eventually be the Republican nominee, for such a choice would engender a calamitous Results for the Republican Party’s already bleak Electoral College Future, and shall allow me to gaze upon as in the not too distant past, a true Landslide.

Now, Precedents, like records may well be broken but I resist the temptation to conclude that the level of stupidity required to pull of such an ill-advised stunt (nominating Trump) is rampant across the Republican Electorate at large. One unique possibility the Democrats should be cautious of if Trump is the Republican Nominee  is the so-called Reversed “Bradley Effect.” Trump may potentially have his “Silent Majority,” perhaps more reminiscent of those Stoically Mute Conservative kids in my Political-Science and Jurisprudence classes in College, who when discussing Controversial Issues bit their tongues in agony like a Court Defendant listening to charges to which he/she vehemently disagrees.  Fearful that their views would be unpopular, those folks who know better than to support Trump publicly but are very sympathetic to his rhetoric, and in the privacy of their voting booth may pull the lever for him.

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