Do the presidential elections matter?


Do the presidential elections matter?

Is this truly an election that will shape the future of America? Or will realpolitik always be the victor of elections?

We have seen the attacks by Romney on Obama for his handling of the violent protests against the US embassies around the Muslim world. Many Republicans scorned Obama for making the US look “weak”, and not doing more to defend the embassies. Others have falsely attacked him for apologizing for our First Amendment rights. Romney even said Obama is sympathizing with those who attacked our embassies. This is all a discourse that paints Obama as anti-american, as a person whose loyalty lies somehwere else. The Republicans claim that Obama’s domestic and foreign policies are going to destroy America as we know it. The rhetoric is that this is a DECISIVE campaign, that Romney will be the OPPOSITE of Obama. Unfortunately, the Romney campaign even went as far as using “Southern Strategy” against Obama to push the idea of how different the candidates are.

BUT the realpolitik of the elections became apparent today. Romney himself condemned the movie “Innocence of Islam”. That by itself foreshadows what is to come. No matter who is in charge, at the end of the day in the words of Napoleon “we are ruled by circumstances and events”. Their policies will be dictated by the circumstances around them. Their policies will be dictated by REALPOLITIK!

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