Democracy cannot be EXPORTED


The King is Dead, long live the King…

Democracy cannot be EXPORTED!!! It needs time to nourish and grow…

It is astonishing to me that the media and the populous are calling Libya and Egypt DEMOCRACIES. These countries did not magically transform into democracies. The institutions that have been put in place by a dictator did not dissapear over night. I for one do not believe that there will be a democratic state in Libya or Egypt in the near future. The political entities within these two countries are already using the same playbook as the despots before them. In Egypt for example two media outlets have been shut down and their editors arrested for criticizing the President, and trying to cause “civil strife”.

To understand the future one must learn from the past.In the US we have had 27 amendments and it was only in 1964 that poll taxes were prohibited! The US did not become the democracy that it is today over-night, and its democracy faces continual threats (i.e. Citizens United).  Look at Eastern Europe, when the Soviet Union fell what happened to the countries there? Did they magically become democracies? Romania is still facing political instability. I truly believe revolutions are over-rated, and the MEDIA is at fault in the US for over-estimating the outcome. Yes the despots are gone, but there is a clear power struggle. As the saying goes “the King is dead, long live the King”…


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