Debate Blast From The Past: History Repeats & Nothing Changed


While we hear the Presidential Debates – the economy will no doubt be a topic that is on most American’s minds. We are seeing the classic debate from two sides who have not changed for 20 years.

Check out this video of President Clinton during a debate with President George H.W. Bush (if you go from the beginning you will see the infamous “checking of the watch” that largely hurt Bush’s popularity)

The questions we face are still the same. We have two competing ideologies, and this time the tables are turned. We have an incumbent that argues we haven’t done enough investing (government) in out people and America (some would call it waste), and another whose policies would likely see tax cuts on the wealthiest individuals and further the income divide.

UPDATE: Here is one on healthcare – 2004 bush vs kerry

So what really has changed? Not much, we need to start telling the people in power enough is enough its time to move on!

Just a prep for the debate, and if you are coming after – I hope you liked it :).

2 thoughts on “Debate Blast From The Past: History Repeats & Nothing Changed

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  2. Reply Robin Oct 25,2012 %I:%M %p

    True, as a nation we face much of the same problems as we have in the past, and the questions and many of the answers are much the same as before. Still, there is hope for a better America. That’s all we have is our optimistic faith things will get better. I for one side am siding with the one who promises the greater good for all of the majority vs. the one whose policies will benefit the few at the top.

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