Charles Krauthammer Tells Protesters to “Go to Hell”


Charles Krauthammer Fox news contributor says the US official statement to the protestors should have been “Go to hell.”

The statement is rash and may have further implications towards US security in the region (and potentially cost lives…)

Let me start by saying that I am very pro free-speech, and usually align with libertarians on issues of freedom and rights that are guaranteed or protected under the constitution. However, today Fox news contributor Charles Krauthammer said (on TV) that the US government should have told the protestors to “Go to hell.” This statement can be very damaging in the effort to diffuse the situation, which should not have been aimed at the US embassy, but instead at the author/director of the anti-islamic film. 

Freedom of speech should be protected, and “Bacile,” the pseudonym given to the director of the film that has caused such a stir, should be allowed to publish this sort of stuff. But it should be taken as it is, a low-ball, inaccurate portrail by an anti-muslim christian man. What should be added to this description should be the word CRAZY. I think people watching this film would agree and while it may be extremely disrespectful to a large group of people, it should be seen as the American view, or as indicative of its policies whatsoever. 

I would like to add, please feel free to search for “the innocence of muslims”, online and I’m sure you’ll find the trailers on YouTube. The movie is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, and instead of fanning the flames, we need to instead work towards showing muslims in the areas around the middle east that we do not take these types of videos seriously. Unfortunately, the task may not be as easy as many are “extremist” in the sense that they are very fundamental and do not take and parody lightly. But reactions should be aimed at those who made the movie, and not those who represent the same country. This movie, nor do its makers represent the country, and they need to know that a VERY small fraction of the country would be moved, or even find this funny.  

What Charles Krauthammer has done, other than make a foolish and destructive comment on Fox by saying the US should have told them to “go to hell”, he has associated this film and what is going on to American policy. I agree with him on the statement of freedom of speech wholly, but his comment was foolish and he should issue an immediate apology.

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