Business Idea: Social Video Media


This is a photo of the vyclone app… not my own design.

Start a social video following site along with sales of a small video camera that sticks on your shirt – when you wear it, video is broadcast to the social channel.

Here is a good one. With all the social media junkies out there, tweeters/facebookers/youtube/reddits yadda yadda – I’m SURE there would be demand for this.

This is a pocket cam – it would be something like this with a clip on the back with 3G/4G

A social video media service. I mean a service where you ACTUALLY FOLLOW the person online. You log into your home screen and see thumbnails of what all your friends who are active are doing… and then you can tag along.

People will feel like they are “part” of the action, and there is no limit to how much others wish to broadcast about themselves they want to be noticed.

The problem is mainly logistic. You have to find a device that can hold a good amount of memory but also upload either via 3G/4G or through USB (if you don’t want live… lame). I’m pretty sure something like that exists, or is at least in the works. Then you need a good programmer who can get everything going.

This certainly isn’t “side money,” this would be full-blown – venture capital type stuff – and worth millions (if you use this idea and make it, please send an anonymous check for $50-$100k to my door :) )

Unlike some of the other ideas I have had, this one I had not worked out all the details so this is just to get the brain juices flowing –  you do the leg work.

I was thinking ~$100-$150 for the cam, online social service included. Your other potential income streams besides camera income could be from featured feeds, and advertisement.


What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Business Idea: Social Video Media

  1. Reply Robin Oct 2,2012 %I:%M %p

    A bad idea. Really. Isn’t it illegal (like invasion of privacy)? People should be given an option to agree to be part of a video in the making. Or, did you mean to add that part? If you did, and they agree, then I am all for it! :)

    • Daniel McKay Reply Daniel McKay Oct 2,2012 %I:%M %p

      You would potentially have to look at that issue, but is it just like uploading a video on youtube, or publishing a picture on facebook? You don’t hand out permission slips for that.

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