Business Idea: Public Forum – Lobbying for Constituents

Business Idea:

Public Forum – Constituents and Lobbying
“Providing a tool for constituents to express their views and an organization to support lobbying on their behalf. Making the government work for the people.”

Okay, you might be thinking: boring. NO! This is perhaps the future and the greatest thing to happen to government. Essentially open a ‘forum’ using social networking as a force to grow up support for issues that eventually is sent to representatives and they are encouraged to adopt, embrace and/or change these policies. 

How it works:
1. You submit the idea
It could be anything, what is happening in your town, state, or the nation. Issues that need to be brought up and/or decided upon.
2. We report the issue
Either through community support (getting people to “like” your issue) or by our own issues team we publish the issue and start the conversation with a brief overview, directed questions and issues, and moderator comments.
3. Issue is debated under moderation
Rules are established for a debate and discussion is moderated by our leadership team, once a debate has been thoroughly discussed, a vote for representation is made.
4. Successfully debated issues are represented
Issues that pass the representation vote are represented by this organization. Debate points and arguments are outlined, a list of supporting constituents are attached and we reach out to respective representatives. All preparation, travel, and lobby services are provided free of charge (we are funded only by donation).
Yes- this is probably a non-profit… but do what you want with it, perhaps it could be a legit corporation.
Note: I checked on the regulations regarding lobbying, if you want this to be a significant part of your business while staying a non-profit organization (for those yummy tax-free donations) you should elect the “expenditure rule” and keep expenditures on lobbying less than 20% of expenditure. I don’t know how much of a problem this might be, considering you can probably get some lobbying going through the internet!!
Let me know what you think!!!
Check out what I started:
Also for something similar that exists today check out:

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    I’m not really interested in doing this, but just so you know, the link that you provided (testct) doesn’t work. I get an error about insufficient privileges.

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