The Syrian RED LINE… What Obama Needs to do in the Middle East!


A tragedy occurred Friday in Lebanon. Wissam Al Hassan (one of the top security officials in Lebanon) along with other 2 people were killed in a brutal explosion in the Christian town of Ashrafiye. Over 80 people were injured and many were children. The explosion occurred in a dense area with no regard for the lives of innocent bystanders. General Hassan arrived in Beirut shortly before he was assassinated, and it is known that the security of Beirut International Airport is controlled by the Terrorist group Hezbollah. Not even the general’s boss knew he was in Lebanon or his patterns. Yet he was easily assassinated because Hezbollah knew he was in Lebanon.

Wissam Al Hassan was a pro-March 14 (pro-west coalition) figure. He opposed Syria and caught a high-profile Lebanese politician who was trying to assassinate Lebanese on behalf of the Syrian regime.

This embarrassed Syria, the Terrorist group Hezbollah, and the Free Patriotic Movement, all of whom control the current government. His brave actions led to his death. Unfortunately, there will always be Lebanese who sympathize with Terrorists. Supporters of these groups lauded the assassination and were openly celebrating. The ironic thing is that prior to this explosion the Lebanese Minister of Tourism wanted to sue the creators of the series “Homeland” for portraying Lebanon in a negative manner. The blatant hypocrisy and foolishness of the Lebanese people is unbearable.

A national icon was assassinated in your capital Mr. Minister, you should worry more about how to make Beirut secure than a fictional television series. This Hezbollah controlled pro-Syrian Lebanese government is laughable.

Unfortunately, it was formed by the weapons of the Terrorist group Hezbollah and might very well remain in power due to their weapons. Even though thousands of protesters have called for Prime Minister Najib Mikati to resign, he lacks the decency to do so. Lebanon is in a battle between supporters of western values and those who support Iranian values. For the past 7 years those who support western values and freedom have been assassinated, while the ones who support Iranian ideals have flourished. Even though anti-Syrian and Iranian figures are being assassinated, people within the government always blame Israel. Well let me make it clear, this act was done by Syria through its terrorist group Hezbollah.

This is a clear message by the Syrians to the International community. They want to spread the violence to Lebanon, and Hezbollah was more than happy to oblige. The international community needs to stop Syria NOW! This terrorist regime that supports Hamas and Hezbollah needs to be destroyed. The Obama administration needs to act before it is too late.

The Obama administration cannot risk the spread of violence to Lebanon and other countries in the region. Even though I have sided with the Obama administration in the past on its approach, the situation has gotten out of hand and failure is on the horizon.

I am not one to side with the neo-cons on many issues, but on this one I agree with Dan Senor (Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisor). Something needs to be done and soon! The United States cannot risk a regional civil war in the Middle East. The United States needs to decisively stop Bashar al Assad!

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