A Foreign Country RULING America?


Will A Foreign Country Rule America? It Is Possible…

Current rulings lifting limits on corporate campaign finance open up the real possibility of foreign influence.

Recently Jesse Ventura was a guest on Piers Morgan Tonight – and while I don’t agree with that loon 99% of the time, he made a really interesting observation. Corporate campaign finance laws open the way for foreign domination of America.

It sounds crazy, but let me give you some background and explain why what Mr. Ventura said is legit.

This is the first presidential election where corporations have been able to donate without limit to a political campaign. In January 2010, the Supreme Court struck down a ban on unlimited corporate campaign contributions. The Court decided that donating to a political campaign was expression, and as people, corporations had the right to freely express themselves.

The importance of campaign finance is paramount when it comes to winning elections. With the enormous sums of money being pumped into campaigns this election cycle, you can not doubt it’s power, and politicians are thirsty to get more of it (it means they win).

Given the unique situation of the United States a hegemonic power, there is no country in the world that wouldn’t like to control it. Because of its extreme importance, you can bet that the elections are being watched around the world (I can attest to Europe, I was there). Foreign heads of government, rich foreign nationals, even terrorist networks could be eyeing to get in on the action.

Come election 2016, we may see some foreigners getting in on the action and start bankrolling candidates from the President all the way to local offices. For countries such as China or Russia, it would be really cost effective.

Think — each candidate is expected to spend around $1 billion this election. China could, say for an extra $1 billion, bankroll a candidate who they know will have their ear; and since politicians main concern is re-election they could easily find one to play ball.

But this is just radical conspiracy! – I think not.

Due to the current campaign laws in this country, all a foreign national would have to do is to establish a corporation in the United States, fund it, and donate to an eager politician. It is that easy.

What can we do?

Because the Supreme Court has stuck down the limitations, the only way to override the decision is to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION. There have been attempts already, but politicians see money and are not easily swayed to actually tackle campaign finance issues.

I have provided a link to an online petition that has been relatively effective brining this issue to light. Please take the time and sign it – you may do your us all a big favor.

Sign the petition

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