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By Daniel McKay

We are a featured news organization focused on covering world issues, politics, economics, and business ideas. Our knowledge and life experiences help mold every story you receive, so you will always find unique insights here.


Daniel McKay

I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a master’s in international and development economics and hold two bachelor’s from Portland State University in economics and political science.

Across two international field research assignments I have researched issues involving social capital, entrepreneurship, crime, public policy and migration.

I would like to apply my life experiences, both personal and professional, to benefit those around me. I have a profound interest in development.

I am also the Editor-in-Chief of ideafart (http://ideafart.com), a featured news organization focused on discussing world issues, politics, economics and business ideas. My experiences in life carry onto the topics I prefer writing about on the blog. I hope I can shape discussion with my work, and I truly enjoy writing.

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Managing Contributors:

Eddy Simonian

I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from CSU Stanislaus, and a Master’s degree in International Studies from the University of San Francisco. I was raised in Lebanon, but lived the majority of my adult life in the United States. I am fluent in Arabic and Enlgish, and I am currently learning Spanish.


Princeton Moses Gbah

I graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations. Next fall, I will be working on a Master in Law and Journalism.  I am a self-professed political junky since the age of ten.

I relish the freedom that writing affords one, that unique ability for an individual to polish their creative thoughts and knowledge in a way that may otherwise elude them in its generic form verbally. I aim to use my experience and knowledge of politics, international and domestic to help educate my readers in a fashion devoid of false equivalence. Please don’t hesitate to give me feedback on my post.

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